1. Drivers must be 14 years of age or older. Those under 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission.
  2. Drivers must stay on the seat of the tractor at all times. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand clutch, or throttle. Feet must stay on platform at all times during the pull. Bouncing or riding of seat back will result in disqualification.
  3. Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking. No alcoholic beverage will be permitted on track while pulling.
  4. Tractors will pull in the order they appear on the signup sheet. If you are unable to pull in your assigned order, you will be moved to the end of your class.
  5. Any tractor parts falling off (Weights, Fly Covers, etc.) while pulling the sled will result in the pull being stopped and measurement taken at that point.
  6. Tractor must stay in bounds at all times during pull.
  7. Wheelie bars
    1. Div 0 – Optional (will be required starting in 2023)
    2. Div 1, Div 2, Div TC, Div 3, Div 4 and Div 5 – Required
  8. Wheelie bars design – Materials used must be strong enough to support the weight of the tractor when a jack is placed under the pad. Each pad must be at minimum a 5″ square. No rollers allowed.  The pad must extend past the edge of the tire diameter by a minimum of 2″.  The distance between the wheelie bars must be at minimum 24″ from the outside edge of each pad. (see diagram below)
  9. All tractors can pull in up to 3 classes as they choose. (One hook per class, max of 3 hooks). Div 0 tractors can only pull in Div 0 (If you think your tractor can pull in a different division you shouldn’t be pulling in Div 0.) RPTPA can change the amount of hooks per pull if necessary.
  10. Drawbar requirements
    1. Div 0 – drawbars will have a maximum height of 18″.
    2. Div 1, Div 2, Div TC, Div 3, Div 4 and Div 5 – drawbars will have a maximum height of 20″.
    3. All Divisions – No less than 18″ from center of axle to hook point.
    4. Drawbars must be stationary in all directions.
  11. Weights
    1. Div 0 – only factory style weights are allowed no hanging weights.
    2. Div 1, Div 2, Div TC, Div 3, Div 4 and Div 5 – weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and cannot be more than 11 feet from the center of the rear axle to furthest point forward.
  12. No radial tires. No steel wheels. Two wheel drive only. No duals.
  13. Tractors must be naturally aspirated.
  14. Safety kill switch
    1. Div 0 – Optional
    2. Div 1, Div 2, Div TC, Div 3, Div4 and Div 5 – Recommended
  15. Gas, diesel, kerosene, distillate or LP fuels only. No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels may be used in tractors. Gas is allowed with a maximum of 750 specific gravity. All tractors are subject to random fuel checks. Tractors manufactured to use diesel fuel only cannot be converted to gas or LP.
  16. Fan-guards on all tractors (side shield or fan shield). Mandatory
  17. MPH will be checked from ½ track until the pull is completed.
  18. RPMs allowed will be determined by the M&W chart. Any tractor not listed will use manufacturer’s data. 20% margin of error will be permitted for all classes.
  19. Tractors must have the Stock Ag engine, frames, transmission, rear end and axle housing or manufacturer’s replacement. No adapter plates allowed for engine, Transmission, front end to bolt up.
  20. Div 0 and Div 1 – Radiators, Front end, Fuel Tanks, etc. must be in original location. Front tire must be Ag Tires and 14″ or larger.
  21. Flagmen will display the green flag/light for the pull to begin, tractor must stop immediately on red flag/light. Disregarding or arguing with the flagman, sled operator or track officials will result in automatic disqualification.
  22. Tractor Class Placement (applies to Div 1 only)
    1. Massey 33, Oliver 77, AC WD45 and like size tractors are not allowed below 4000#
    2. Oliver 88, Farmall M, Massey 44, MM-U, JD-G, Case-C/D, JD-A and up and like size tractors are not allowed in classes below 4500#.
    3. 200+ Cubic inch tractors are not allowed below 3500#.
  23. Enhanced electrical systems
      1. Div 0 – Not permitted
      2. Div 1, Div 2, Div TC, Div 3, Div 4 and Div 5 – Permitted
  24. Heads, blocks (jugs), manifolds must be the same manufacturer as the crankcase and frame. (Replacement manufacturer allowed)
  25.  Carburetors
    1. Div 0 – Stock carburetor.
    2. Div 1 & TC – Any Ag type carburetor allowed. Must be single barrel, unless the tractor came from factory with 2 barrel, and throats and draft direction as originally manufactured.
    3. Div 2, 3, 4, & 5 – Any Ag type carburetor allowed.
  26. No excessive wheel cutting/cutouts. This is per RPTPA official discretion. Safety is our main concern.
  27. Any jerking of sled or side stepping clutch will result in disqualification.
  28. Weight of scales will be at zero tolerance.
  29. No shifting of any kind. (Gears, Torque Amplifiers, etc.)
  30. Judge’s or promoter’s decision is final at all times during the pull.
  31. All rules are subject to change, if necessary. Our goal is to provide a safe, fair and fun pull for everyone.

Wheelie Bar Diagram