Welcome to Rivers Point Tractor Pulling Association.

Our next pull is our 2 day pull on Sept 17 and 18.  Sept 17 is 4500 pounds and under and Sept 18 is 4500 pounds and over. 

Equipment Update: Crystal and I went to Indiana Saturday and picked up the electronics.  Because of this being the third time they offered to meet us there on Saturday so that I didn't have to take off work.  They completely replaced the insides so hopefully the third time is the charm.  We appreciate your patience with this.

We have also made a few rule changes for safety.  Going forward all Division 1 tractors will be required to have wheelie bars.  All Division 0 tractors will be at 18" max drawbar height with wheelie bars recommended.  Starting in 2023 wheelie bars will be required in Division 0 as well.

Our 2022 pull dates are:


April 10 – CANCELLED


June 19

July 17

Aug 21

Sept 17 – 4500 pounds and under

Sept 18 – 4500 pounds and over


Before you leave from home you can phone in and confirm that the pull is still on. We will update this line as soon as we know the pull is cancelled. Under normal circumstances we should know if a pull will be cancelled due to weather by 8pm the night before the pull. In the event that it rains the night before or even the morning of we will update the message as soon as we know that we will not be able to have a pull.

Call (641) 715-3900 then enter 840020#