Our final pull of the year will be Sunday, September 20. All pulls start at 10am.  Please try to be registered by 9:30.

With the COVID-19 restriction loosening up we have decided to have this pull.  Please keep social distancing in mind when if you attend.  While we want to get out and have a good pull we want to be safe about it.

See you there.


Hook Fee

Reminder: We raised the hook fee to $15 per hook in 2018. We have some increased costs and need to be able to cover them.  We thought long and hard about this and came to the realization that it is time.  We are still one of the least expensive pulls around so don't let this stop you from coming out and having a good time.

2020 Pull Dates

As of the current time we have 3 regular pulls scheduled. June 21, July 19, and August 16.  On July 18 we are hosting a special Ford only pull, more information about that will be coming.  All pulls are weather permitting.

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Rainout Telephone Number

Call (641) 715-3900 then enter 840020#

We try to update as soon and we know the pull will be cancelled.

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